Build momentum.
Embrace change.

Leadership and team coaching is the catalyst.

Introducing MomentaCOACH™ — a proven innovative approach to coaching leaders and leadership teams. At MomentaCOACH, we believe that implementing change in your organization depends on building and sustaining momentum.

We understand that leaders create momentum in your organization as they engage, coach and influence others. That’s why our focus is on creating high performing leadership teams that become catalysts for change.

Merrill C. Anderson

Ph.D. ACC MomentaCOACH

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Our coaching-based leadership services:

Provide leaders with practical, applicable insights that increase their effectiveness as coaches and influencers through compassion, curiosity and courage.

Offer teams insight into how they may be limiting their success and how they may take positive action to build trust and momentum.

Align individual and team efforts with business goals, reducing churn while improving personal interactions.

Bring your organization together to embrace technological, strategic or innovative change and enable people to work as one to make change happen.

Move ahead with our MomentaCOACH suite of services, including:

Individual Executive and Leadership Coaching.

MomentaCoach FastForward™ team workshops.

Workshops building leaders’ abilities to coach and give feedback.

Assessments and MextrixGlobal® evaluation services.

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